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The Door Out of Hell

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Want Freedom? Stop Asserting Control.

The Original Source of Fascism is Monotheism

Freedom is under a direct assault. Everyone is talking about getting back to liberty and the Constitution, to say that a revolution is brewing is an understatement. The mind begs, why is this happening to us?

Consider a theory, that it is our own consciousness that is pulling us under. That this trend will reach an extreme until we cry uncle and release our will and allow freedom to reign once again.

Sound crazy? Tyranny, rebellion, then freedom happen over and over in history as a flow of evolving consciousness.

The French Revolution is a classic example. The outrages mount, the peasants revolt, the arrogant monarchy is overthrown, the rebellion flourishes. The end result is that France evolves into a republic. The entire process is a flow to higher consciousness, from tyranny to freedom. The mantra in those times was “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, high ideals that we still associate with today.

The woman in this painting represents liberty or enlightenment, the revolution first starts in the mind then leads to a change in political reality.
Those who resisted the change, whose minds refused to shift, had their heads literally cut off. The guillotine removed the blocking consciousness by literally removing the head. Metaphorically perfect I’d say. The guillotine stands as a historic reminder of all those who impose tyranny of what awaits them if they don’t succeed power voluntarily.

Our physical trauma is arising from our mental condition. We need to heal from our dysfunctional religious mindset which we voluntarily adhere to. No one is doing anything to us, we are doing it to ourselves but because we can’t see it we blame the other.

Humans are going through a very rapid conscious shift to an even more free society but first we have to go through the wringer of history. Love is coming to us all.

Monotheism Created the Dark Ages

The Romans had multiple gods, when Rome fell and the Holy Roman Empire took over the lid was put on everything, including thought. The predictable result was a very long dark age, human creativity was put to sleep.

Enforcement of monotheism is fascism. The dull one god theory is fascist. Only one way to god is allowed. Only one way to believe is enforced brutally. The result is the Crusades, bloodshed, and witch trials. Rational thinking is squashed, Galileo is forced to recant his brilliant theory and put under house arrest. The Mayan codices are burned, whole indigenous civilizations are plowed under. Archeology is setback a thousand years.

People are adamant that we need religion as a moral compass. Really? Have they studied history? Where’s the proof that religion creates morality. America is the most religious western nation in the world today and America is waging genocide in the Middle East. Coincidence? Nope! America is waging genocide because of its religious beliefs.

A Spiritual Population Needs No Government

You might doubt my theory but read on. I assert that only a egocentric materialistic culture needs to be regulated. Humans can be self regulating, they need no body of law in order to behave properly. They can be their own regulators if they act from their higher consciousness. Selfishness and immaturity leads to regulation, higher ideals lead to freedom.

Many people alive right now are operating there, they look around and wonder what the hell you are doing driving behemoth SUVs with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers still attached and those obnoxious yellow ribbons that say “support our troops”. What? Support the illegal and immoral war, support the baby killers, support the tyrannical Jewish run regime? Only a complete moron would voluntarily attach such a message to their personal vehicle, and millions do.

Big fat gas sucking SUV’s dominate the American landscape just before her collapse
into the fascist New World Order and Middle East oil wars. The license says NO NOT ME.
(The Chevy SUV DENALI anagrams to DENIAL)
If we would evolve naturally then we would not have unleash physical war upon ourselves. We are not that evolved, that’s why war is coming, a huge war that will end the major roadblocks to our evolution, a war that ends the Judeo-Christian-Islamic memeplexes.

Pets on a Leash is Really You on a Leash

If you really believe in freedom then you extend that freedom to everyone else, including your pets. If you put an animal in a cage or on a leash you are doing this to yourself. We think we are advanced but we are not. In our “civilized” society, we are so far gone that we even put kids on a leash.

Modern surbanite with kid on leash. Do you think this woman is a Libertarian or a church goer?
The child might grow up and have an unexplained desire to enforce rules and laws or want to be a police officer. If you are controlled then the tendency is to control others.

Why Christians Love to Say “Every Knee Shall Bow”

Christians love Alex Jones and his rants against the New World Order. They feel threatened by Obama and his gun grabbing Zionist thugs. Alex Jones blasts the power structure but dares not actually identify the real perpetrators. Everyday on his radio show he warns of another 911 and martial law. Listeners are instructed to fear the coming enslavement but Alex never says the word Zionism, let alone make the obvious association that the perpetrators are all Jews.

Christians fear martial law, but they had no problem with marijuana prohibition and the martial law tactics used to combat “potheads”. Were properly dressed Christians ever upset about the cops bashing some hippie? Nope!

In fact, many Christians have aligned themselves with the Zionist evil doers. What fundamentalist or evangelical doubts the chosen status of the Jews and Israel as a holy place. Christians and Jews believe in freedom for themselves and enslavement for everyone else. Are Christian Evangelicals or Jewish Zionists upset about the rape of Palestine or Iraq or Afghanistan? Nope!

Newsflash, we’ve been under martial law for a long time. Now when martial law is applied to them they squeal like stuck pigs. Total morons. And who voted for GWB twice, the retard son of Satan himself but those conservative Republicans down there in TexASS. Give me a break, wake the fuck up! Does Obama have to hold up a sign that says “I’m the Antichrist” for you to get it?

Obama = Bush = antichrist = Jew puppet = Jew tool to destroy America

Christian poster. The idea that everyone must submit is a very fascist:

Christians hate free thought and peacefulness. They are in a state of war just as their Jewish written holy book instructs them. They are trying to control everything. How dare the Muslims “not be saved” by “the Lord Jesus Christ”. It’s absolute perfect insanity. So if any of you wonder why America has become a hell realm, just look in the mirror.

How dare they think for themselves. Look at that proud oinker:

Baptists, Armaggeddon, and the Rapture Exit Strategy

Christians are adamant that you must believe, their way or else. They are hardly opposed to fascism, their thought patterns are fascist, they use prayer as a weapon. I discuss this at length in my other essays (see http://www.blogger.com/profile/16312560191165755438)

Are you attracted or repelled by this image?
Demonic Christian poster with a choice between two false alternatives:

Right now in the United States the Southern Baptist religion is cozying up to Homeland Security, they completely believe for the official version of 9112001, they love Israel, they want to be the Zionista enforcers.

They are against freedom, they would love to enforce their version of fascism on the rest of us. Forced conscription to literal Jesus belief by gunpoint is what they secretly want. Doubt me? Go talk to them.

The New World Order will be enforced in fundamentalist regions:
Southern Baptists believe in a 6,000 year old earth and that man walked with dinosaurs. They frequent the brainwashing Creationist centers in their behemoth gas guzzling SUV’s that make them feel safe. They say “Jesus loves you” all the while holding you in contempt. They are armed and dangerous and resisting change to higher consciousness.

The also beLIEve in the rapture, a way out of what they have created. They are so far gone in denial that they actual believe that they are going to get out of the hell that they themselves created.

I await eagerly for their fate, raptureless christians will experience their karmic just desserts, they have put so many innocents into the fire that “their sins have piled up to heaven” and now its time for them to experience their own energy. Everything that has been done to the Iraqis will now be done unto them. The lesson to be learned, if you want freedom then allow the other to have freedom, meaning leave them alone.

Zionism is Jewish Fascism

The Christians are upset about the New World Odor that is emanating from their own armpits. They can not see that their Biblical belief makes them fascist or how it naturally aligns them with the Jewish supremacists. They can not fathom that the Jews gave them religious freedom so that the Jews could rule.

They can not admit that their belief in the Bible is causing the problem or that the Jews are their rulers. Actually if you believe in the Bible as the word of god then your real god are the authors of the text, the Jews. Really, it’s time to figure it out. If you believe in the Bible then the Jews rule your mind. End of story, its that simple.

The clear message in the Biblical passage of the sacrifice
of Isaac is to obey the monotheistic god without question,
such religious indoctrination leads to political fascism

Only now, with full tyranny being imposed, can we see clearly that the Jews really don’t believe in freedom of speech, that the Jews are the ones taking our freedoms away, that the Jews are manipulating the money, that the Jews created the bubble and resultant crash, that the Jews own the Congress and the western nation states.

All of this shit has been neatly laid out at your feet for you to examine. The Universe has provided for you a way to see the truth. The truth is being exposed by the real god, your higher consciousness.

The Surfing Lifestyle vs. the Rest of Society

When surfing first started on the west coast, they were despised by the townsfolk. Later they are viewed as freedom itself. Potheads and surfers don’t fear the reaper or martial law, they have been dealing with the fascist police state for a long time.

I have surfed many a year down the west coast and have experienced first hand this lovely “Christian” society that sneers at my lifestyle of personal freedom. They hate the very idea that I could live free in my van and just hang out, they bought into the Bible and want to impose their restrictive work and pay taxes lifestyle on me. You’d think they would want to emulate freedom, not a chance!

I can remember many a night sleeping in my van on the side streets of Santa Barbara listening to the Jeff Rense radio show. God did I want to be able to get a good nights sleep without being harassed by the cops. So from personal experience I don’t think for a second that we should preserve this society as the way it is. It is evil itself and has to go. We are free beings and religion is a cage we need to escape from not to. Christians have locked themselves into the prison of the Holy Bible and the guilded cage of Jew money machine. The Jewish Zeus, Jesus, is the way into a mental prison.

Want out of hell? Just walk away from the ideas the Jews have installed on your brain hard drive. Quit their program then erase it from your memory. Quit the Bible and think for yourself, discover the peaceful being that you really are.

Your Higher Consciousness is Arranging the Play

Fear not, we are in control of our fate. Our higher self has created a play for us to see the truth and get us to evolve. As we approach the shift, the whole play becomes clearer and clearer. You know that song “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…”?

The crash clears the air to the real perps. We can now see clearly that the crooks on Wall Street are all Jews, we can see clearly now Obama is controlled by Jews just like Bush. We can see clearly now that the Federal Reserve is a Jewish scam. We can see clearly now that the bailout was for Jews, that the ripoff artists like Madoff were Jews.

I’m just waiting for Alex Jones to get really rebellious, I await the day his mind sees that everything he was taught was total bullshit. Some day I expect him to tear out the pages of a Bible and roll a joint then smoke it loudly into the microphone live. That’ll be the day. Ha ha ha.

26-28 Sep 2009

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stop Playing Their Game

The biggest conspiracy of all is why we allow false ideas to rule our minds.

It’s easy to get out of hell. Stop using the fraudulent money. Stop using their credit, stop buying houses on their 30 year notes, stop saving money at their bank. Just stop. The parasite feeds on us by getting us to use its money, charging interest then bleeding us invisibly via inflation. The few private owners of the Federal Reserve are all Jewish bankers. Coincidence?

Owners of the Federal Reserve
Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin (Rothschild and world economy)
Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
Goldman Sachs Bank of New York
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Controlled By the Rockefeller Family Tree)

Debit money is a Jewish scam to fleece the unsuspecting non-Jews. The money in your pocket is a Jew time bomb and you are the intended victim.

all fiat currencies eventually depreciate to zero,
the US Dollar will eventually be rendered useless just like the German Mark

So why do we voluntarily get bled to death? Because we believe the lie. We believe the Holy Bible as god’s word. No wonder the human race is suicidal. What exactly is the Bible but codified hate? It commands us to worship and obey the angry God that destroys humanity in fits of rage. Does that sound like the behavior of a Creator God or of the warring angry tribe that penned it? Who wrote the Bible? The Jews. Who is destroying you? The Jews. Connect the dots.

So the biblical god is not really a god but a philosophy of hate masquerading as a supreme being. Never question God’s chosen as they destroy you. Make sure you repeat the salvation mantra over and over, “The Lord is my Shepard”. Sorry to tell you that your real Shepard are the greedy Jews who wrote that verse. And that makes you a sheep. Clearly the Bible is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the mind of man. It is one tribes highly revised history, an anthropocentric propaganda piece of manipulators feigning as victims. If you believe the Bible then it’s a simple matter for the government to sell you their version of 911. A gullible mind is exploitable. That’s why Zeitgeist is a must see. That’s why Acharya S is having trouble with google.

What exactly is the Hebrew tribes core philosophy? War on nature for profit. Kill for profit. Exploit for profit. Lie, steal, and rape the planet for profit. Compare that to the Native American core philosophy.

When all the trees have been cut down,when all the animals have been hunted,when all the waters are polluted,when all the air is unsafe to breathe,only then will you discover you cannot eat money.~ Cree Prophecy ~

Obviously when the Judeo-Christian cult arrived in the New World they knew what they had to do with the silly natives living in harmony with Nature. The shell and bead money users had to be systematically destroyed, put on land with fences and charged property taxes for building a hut, for merely existing.

So why is this tribe so angry at the world? Because they are trying to control the world and what you can’t control will make you angry. In fact the only thing that can make one angry is loss of control. I’d bet that with the markets in meltdown the Judeo-Christian cultists are getting really angry. So angry they will want to make war, because if they can’t control the markets, they can always just bomb the shit out of somebody. Pure hate at the world results in pure evil leveled on the world. (Doubt this? How many times have you’ve heard your Christian friends tell you that you must hate this world to get into heaven? Luke 14:26: “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.” The crucial requirement of Christianity is that you hate everyone, including yourself. If you don’t hate people, then you cannot follow God. And if you cannot follow God, then you cannot get to heaven.)

After thousands of years of exploitation the clever demonic cabal invented central banking. Now they force everyone to use their fiat currency. Try issuing gold as competition, they’ll show up and confiscate. Only the parasitic Jew money is allowed. Figure it out, stop using their money, stop worrying about your credit rating, in fact stop using credit because if you do you become complicit in the crime. When you borrow you create more of their money. “Mort-gage” means “death- grip”. But what should you expect from borrowing Satan’s money?

This past year inflation is reported at 4%. Food and energy costs are not included. It’s a lie, it’s a manipulation of your mind so that you sit in the pot and get boiled alive. If you believe that inflation is 4% then 2% on your savings account seems ok, only a 2% loss. Only a 2% loss sounds good to a victim.

This is war. First and foremost a war of who owns your mind. If you believe the Holy Bible as truth you are suicidal, a fool, a sheep being led to slaughter. Believing in the Jew written Biblical psychotic-memeplex is voluntary death, and the dead man on the cross is you. Is John 3:16 the most evil verse ever written? (http://leftbehindmadness.blogspot.com/2006/06/left-behind-madness.html ) The first step toward the door out of hell is stop believing the destructive text as truth, and as the way to live life. Hardly. The hardest thing you’ll every own is your own mind. The Bible is a big fat Jew lie just like their money. Have you’ve ever thought why churches are given tax free status? In order to rape the goy the Jews must first have to convince you to be a sacrificial lamb.

The door out of hell is unlocked. You can walk up the door by clarifying the situation before you, and you can walk through the door by simply not participating in the fraud. Stop going to church. Stop tithing. Stop being materialistic and trying to attain all the “trappings of civilization”. (Boy, that’s good one) This outward hallmark (read hell-mark) trait of flaunting wealth is that of the money lenders. Stop loving money, stop using their money, stop using their credit. Think Amish.

This morning all the news was the crashing world stock markets and the Fed lowering rates by a whopping ¾ percent. The pathological vampires panicked and are trying to “stimulate” the dead corpse with full voltage. Please use our money world, please get into debt, please let us bleed you some more. We love you so much goyum.

22 Jan 2008


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